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In relation to the Recent Discovery of Other Enterprise and Personnel Counterfeiting be the Related Company and staff of Our Redford Group of Companies

Date: 16th March, 2018

Dear All,

Recently, our group found that the other enterprise and personnel fraudulently act as our affiliate and staff without our group’s authorization and consent. They faked our brand and Logo illegally for their commercial activities, which may cause the Public and the Customer’s misunderstanding of the relationship between our group and the aforementioned enterprise with counterfeit behavior. Our group expressed serious concern about this situation.

For avoidance of doubt, our group hereby solemnly declare:

1. Apart from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, our Redford Group of Companies do not have any branches, subsidiaries, associates, and affiliates in any other countries/regions, while a company called REDFORD VENTURE UK LIMITED (hereinafter referred as to the “Enterprise”) has never been the subsidiary, affiliate, associate, mandate and/or any business partner of our Redford Group of Companies. Our group do not have any relationship with the Enterprise in any field;

2. Our group has checked that the Enterprise was incorporated in the UK Companies House on 8 May 2017, and the directors and shareholders are as following: LAM Wai-Mo, LI Zhixuan and CHEUNG Wing-Wah. Our group hereby clarify that the aforementioned personnel are not staff of our Redford Group of Companies, and our group does not have any relationship with the aforementioned personnel in any field; and

3. Our group would draw the special and serious attention of the Public that our Redford Group of Companies never have any relationship with the Enterprise and/or the abovementioned personnel, so anybody should have their own verification and judgment for conducting any commercial activities with them, while our Redford Group of Companies will not bear any responsibility and liability to any commercial activities conducted and any products sold by the Enterprise and the abovementioned personnel.

Should you have any query for verifying members and staff of our Redford Group of Companies, please kindly contact our Customer Service Hotline at +852-3589-0925 or by email: admin@redfordgroup.com.

Yours Sincerely,
For and on behalf of
Redford Group of Companies






9999 Fineness of Gold Bullion
(with International Acceptable Hallmark and recognized by LBMA)

Physical Weight


1 Kilogram

Trading Volume


Minimum 1 Kilogram per trade

Location for Withdrawal


For small quantities, Customers can withdraw the products from our Company's retail office or our Company's designated Precious Metals Depository in Hong Kong;
For large quantities, our Company can arrange reliable delivery agents to deliver the products to Customer's designated Precious Metals Depository in Hong Kong

Delivery Time


Within Two (2) banking days after confirmation of transaction prices, received 100% of payment & related fees and charges (if any), received "Physical Precious Metals Withdrawal Notification Form" from the Customer and being verified*

Payment Rules


105% of estimated transaction payment and fees must be settled before getting the prices offers, confirmation of transaction prices, and arranging the withdrawal of Physical Precious Metals

* Withdrawal arrangement is subject to the final arrangement with the precious metal supplying bank and/or the Refinery. If the volume of Physical Precious Metals to be withdrawn is exceeding 200 kilograms, then the exact delivery period and arrangement shall be further confirmed with the Customer after receipt the withdrawal notice from the Customer.







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